Thursday, March 5, 2015

Unable to Connect to the SQL Server.

Following things has to be performed on the SQL Server when we are not able to connect to the server.

  1. Check whether the OS Level ping request is working / not.
  2. Check if protocols are enabled / not.
  3. Check if they are communicating on the smae port / not.
  4. Check if the login has been created or not.
  5. Check if the login has been disabled / Expired.
  6. Check if the login has bad passoword.
  7. Check if the the authentication mod eis windows only & where the client connection to SQL Server authentication.
  8. check if the login has mapped to the database  / not.
  9. check if max connections are exceeded.
  10. check if the browser service is stopped.
  11. check browser service is running but service account assosciated with browser service has permission issues / not.

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