Thursday, March 5, 2015


    Deadlock is a process where one user performs some operations on a single object and other user also want to perform the same operation on the same particular object, is called a Deadlock.

We have to enable  the Trace on the SQL Server by the below Command.

                   DBCC  TRACEON (1204, -1)

Now check on the Error Logs we will be seeing the Deadlock that has been occured on the objects on the server.

Resolving Deadlocks

  1. Adding & Dropping of Indexes.
  2. Adding Index hints.
  3. Modify the application to access resources in a similar pattern.
  4. Removing the activity transactions like triggers. By default triggers are transactional.
  5. Keeping transaction as short a possible.
  6. Intent shared Locks.

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