Saturday, March 28, 2015

SQL Server Reporting Service Modes

 (SSRS) Reporting Services runs in one of two modes: Native or SharePoint Integrated. In the Native mode, Reporting Services manages its content using its own internal, or “  native, ”  functionality. This is the traditional mode under which Reporting Services instances have been run.

 Reporting Services deployments using Enterprise, Developer, Enterprise Evaluation, or Standard editions are capable of running in the SharePoint Integrated mode. In this mode, content management is handled through SharePoint. Native content management interfaces, such as Report Manager, are no longer accessible.

 The SharePoint Integrated mode is a very appealing option for many organizations that want to leverage SharePoint as their enterprise content - management solution; however, there are some limitations, such as the lack of support for linked reports in this mode.

 For those organizations that want to run Reporting Services in Native mode but still want to display Reporting Services content through SharePoint, the Reporting Services 2.0 web parts provide an alternative to SharePoint Integrated mode.

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