Saturday, March 28, 2015

SQL Server Editions

SQL Server 2008 comes in nine editions, the following seven of which include Reporting Services: 

  1. Enterprise  
  2. Standard  
  3. Developer  
  4. Enterprise Evaluation  
  5. Workgroup  
  6. Web  
  7. Express with Advanced Services    

 The Enterprise and Standard editions are the only editions supported in a production environment. The Enterprise edition provides access to the full set of features available with Reporting Services and runs on 32 - bit, x64 64-  bit, and IA64 64 - bit platforms. The Standard edition provides access to a reduced feature set and does not support the IA64 64 - bit platform. It costs less than the Enterprise edition and may be more appropriate for smaller installations. 

 The Developer and Enterprise Evaluation editions provide access to the same features available through the Enterprise edition. The Developer edition is very inexpensive and is intended for development and testing environments only. The Enterprise Evaluation edition is free but expires after 180 days. These two editions support 32 - bit, x64 64 - bit, and IA64 64 - bit architectures and a wider range of operating systems than either the Enterprise or Standard edition. 

 Workgroup and Web editions support a reduced feature set, even more so than Standard edition, and reduced capacity as may be appropriate for small - scale or web - based deployments, respectively. Both editions support 32 - bit and x64 64 - bit platforms and have low licensing costs appropriate for their intended uses. 

 Finally, the Express with Advanced Services edition is a highly restricted edition of SQL Server with limited support for Reporting Services. This edition is freely available, but its limitations make it unlikely to be used for anything other than highly specialized needs. The Express with Advanced Services edition is available on 32 - bit and x64 - bit platforms. 

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